...that fucking name, tis smooth and soft and sweet in the vein.


name: every little thing she does is magic.


  • ONLY 100 TATTOOS AVAILABLE! (reserved for some freaky motherfuckers.)
  • exact scan of name and drawing.
  • cut out and sent in png format. 
  • ready to be taken into the tattoo parlour!
  • comes with certificate of authentication. (so everyone knows you're the real deal!)


dont miss out, tattoos are limited and in high demand... get yours today to secure its place, and let the world know who you are, 'a freaky mother fucker!'


drawings and names are curated over months to make sure the proper imagery is cast.


(the photo above has been photoshopped, and is not an exact copy, it is just to give you an idea of what the tattoo would look like, the real thing should actually look much better!)

every little thing.